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What Can a Sober Mentor Do for You?

Sober coaches will also stay with an individual after they have completed a residential or inpatient program. This eases the transition from addiction treatment to home life. By living with the client or accompanying them in shifts, sober coaches help individuals to learn how to live a sober life within their community. Recovering from addiction involves more than just attending treatment and going home. In fact, it’s often said that the real work of recovery begins after your program is complete. For this reason, it’s completely normal to feel anxious about returning to day-to-day life after residential addiction treatment.

A mentorship can guide you to make the right choices and keep going when times are tough. Those who struggle with substance abuse can feel disconnected from others. It can be tough to find people to relate to when you are going through a difficult time. A recovery mentor can become a meaningful connection and an integral part of someone’s life when they are going through the recovery process. Having that sense of connectedness with the recovery program leads to higher success rates.

I’m an ex-red wine girl turned sober coach who helps women create lives they love without alcohol.

You could benefit from sober coaching if you are new to recovery or have recently sought treatment after relapsing again. If there are other issues beyond substance abuse that complicate your situation, seeking sober coaching can make all the difference. This is especially true if others sober house in your home are still using – or misusing – drugs and alcohol. If you have mental health concerns or are worried about the transition from treatment to home life, this service is right for you. Choosing to work with a sober coach is an investment in one’s sustained sobriety.

  • Young men are often pressured by ideas of “manning up” and just quitting.
  • When you reach that point when you want to change your relationship with alcohol you and start looking for some support, you have probably been thinking about it for a while.
  • The primary role of a sober coach is to encourage healthy choices and lead by example.
  • It is a difficult journey, but in the company of others it is also filled with laughter, joy, and warmth.

As much as you, the parent, might not think that anyone else could possibly act the way they are acting, that simply is not true. These are all very common actions and behaviors in active addiction. Our Admission Specialists have walked in your shoes and are here to help. Please use our extensive knowledge of the treatment industry to find the right program for you.

Drink Less. Live More.

I know (and have been told) I have an instinct for what is needed and how to help people. This instinct cannot be easily taught in classrooms, it’s a feeling and a knowing I have developed through many hours of intense reflection, listening, learning, training and putting into practice. I too have struggled with drinking and failing to moderate allowing me to deeply understand where you are and how to help you. In addition to my life experience, I have gained training in many methodologies, practices and  gained relevant certifications. I am always learning and continue to strive for coaching excellence as well as abiding by the ICF code of conduct.

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All mentors focus on helping those undergoing recovery to make the right decisions to improve their lifestyle. Compared to mental health experts, mentors must understand various recovery pathways. However, a major similarity between mentors and other mental health providers is in implementing the 12-step programs [4]. Often, those who go through the addiction recovery process feel alone. Most individuals typically have damaged relationships and have little to no one they feel they can trust. A mentor always supports individuals, helping them repair and rebuild trust in themselves and others.

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